About Us

Albergo Diffuso Ghivine is a comfortable hotel offering accommodation tailored to meet guests’ needs, in the old town centre of Dorgali.
Set in beautifully restored old stone and mortar houses, the Hotel faithfully reflects the architecture of days gone by. The floors recall motifs found in traditional paving, whilst the corridors feature beautiful maiolica tiling.
The ground floor is home to the reception, guest areas and breakfast room, as well as an internal courtyard surrounded by charming arches. The guest rooms and panoramic terrace are located on the upper floors.
All rooms and guest areas are covered by free Wi-Fi.

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Separatore girasoli

Our Mission

"We aim to ensure your stay is a genuine one,
allowing you to enjoy our time-honoured traditions first-hand.
We will help ensure you discover the wild, unspoilt gems of our area with a conscious,
responsible approach.
We will help you delve into the mysterious, complex world of Sardinia,
with all its rites and rituals drawn from an age-old language.
We will be your hosts, because we cannot imagine any other way of doing things:
more than just our work, it is our mission.

Separatore girasoli

100 years of history set within our walls...

Albergo Diffuso Ghivine is a multi-building hotel forged from a conservative, painstaking restoration of three residential buildings. Spread out over three floors, the buildings are located in the historic town centre of Dorgali. A fourth adjacent building is also set to be renovated soon.

The original nucleus of the house dates back to the late nineteenth century and features characteristics typical of Dorgali’s traditional homes.

In the past, people lived in small dwellings. For the most part, each home was shared by several families who all lived in the same building, with one family per room. A common area on the ground floor (sa cuchina) was used to store supplies and bake bread. But the real focal point of the house was the inner courtyard (sa corte), a place which served a variety of purposes. This was an extension of the home used for a variety of tasks, but also a social place for people to meet which at night was used for keeping carts and oxen.

The original construction was not extended in a linear manner. Instead, as the family grew, new rooms and new floors were simply added on. As a result, each room in the present-day hotel dates back to different construction periods.

The renovation got underway in 2016 and finished in March 2018. It intentionally preserved the existing premises by seamlessly combining innovative techniques with original materials.

The result is Albergo Diffuso Ghivine, with its innately welcoming approach and deep-seated ties with Sardinia’s time-honoured traditions.

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